Our precious guests,

As Samara Hotel, we would like to share with you the measures and practices taken to protect yourself from the Covid-19 epidemic, so that you, our esteemed guests, can experience your holiday in peace and collect good memories after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The suitability and safety of all services within our scope offered to guests at our hotel are guaranteed under the Rentokil Simply Safe FOOD SAFETY Food and Water Safety Risk Management Program.

While arranging the Additional Applications, the "Ministry of Culture and Tourism Safe Accommodation Facility" criteria and "WHO Hotels" CDC, FDA and all related circulars of the Ministry of Health regarding COVID-19 were taken as reference and prepared in accordance with the laws on the protection of personal data.

Applications in the Hotel:

The rules and methods of maintaining social distance are defined in the prepared instruction.

FAMILY AREAS: Family areas have been created so as not to violate the general social distance rules. Social distance rules do not apply to families.

DISINFECTANTS: Alcohol-based hand sanitizers approved by the Ministry of Health and approved disinfectants for surfaces are available and used in our hotel. All chemicals have MSDSs.



INFORMATION OF THE GUEST: The measures taken and the practices carried out regarding COVID-19 AND HYGIENE PRACTICES in our hotel were conveyed to the guests with brochures and they were informed.

MAINTENANCE ACTIVITIES: The maintenance activities carried out in our hotel are defined in the Technical Service instructions. The maintenance is carried out by our employees or specialist service companies. The maintenance activities performed by specialist companies outsourced are defined below. Records and contracts regarding these maintenance activities are kept.

NATURAL VENTILATION: Natural ventilation is provided in the open areas of our hotel, in the bars, in our restaurant and in every possible area. Natural ventilation is available in every region, and natural ventilation is used in all general usage areas. There is a fresh air intake in the kitchen. The rooms have balconies and natural ventilation.


has been written with warnings for the guests to comply with the social distance rule. 1 meter rule applies in elevators, family members are excluded from the rule. In this way, the number of people in the elevators is defined.

INFORMATION OF THE GUEST: Front Office employees / Guest Relations Officers, who inform the guest about the practices and rules at the entrance to the facility, have received the necessary training and have detailed information about all the practices. Written instructions were given to them regarding the practices they carried out. During the transfer of this information, the principle of maintaining social distance is applied.

There is hand disinfectant in the reception area, which is the entrance area of our facility, and its use is notified and reminded with boards. A mask is given to the guest upon request at the reception.

Regulations in General Areas

a) Guest Rooms

b) Kitchens

TheThere are cleaning plans prepared for all food production kitchens in our hotel.

c) Eating & Drinking Units

In order to comply with the social distance rule in all common areas (restaurants, bars, etc.), reminders are provided with warning signs made with necessary markings, and the effectiveness of the applications is checked.

In our hotel, the following principles are followed in order to prevent social distance contamination in service and presentation processes.

All food consumption points in our hotel (restaurant, bars, presentation areas are cleaned and disinfected daily, these operations are carried out under the responsibility of the stewarding department. The records of cleaning operations are prepared by the practitioners and are inspected and controlled by the Hygiene Officer.

All hand tools used in restaurants and bars are disinfected before and after use. The cleaning and disinfection periods of all equipment in the presentation and service areas are determined in the cleaning plans and the applications are recorded.

Non-disposable service materials on the service tables are disinfected after each use, unnecessary materials are not placed on the tables. The serving materials placed on the table are designed for single use or as small as possible and are washed after each guest use.

Disposable American service is used.

At all points where food is produced and served, there is a hand disinfection apparatus accessible in kitchen areas (restaurants, fast food units, bars) and guest usage points.

d) Swimming Pools and Beaches

The chlorine level in the pool water is kept between 1-3 ppm in outdoor pools and 1 - 1.5 ppm in indoor pools and is recorded 3 times a day. There are 7 pools, 2 indoor and 5 outdoor, in our establishment.

The suitability of the disinfection conditions of the pools is verified by the expert pool company by measuring the results on a monthly basis.

In addition, samples are taken by companies approved by the Ministry of Health and their compliance is verified with laboratory analyzes.

All pool areas in our hotel are cleaned in accordance with the prepared cleaning plans and these operations are carried out under the responsibility of the Square Chief. Toilets, showers and changing cabins are checked at regular intervals, cleaned and disinfected. The entire pool and beach area has been arranged with social distance in mind.

e) Fitness Hall & SPA Areas (Turkish bath, sauna, massage rooms and care units)

Necessary measures have been taken to maintain social distance and avoid intensity of use in the Fitness Center & SPA areas. The number of people who can use the SPA area sections in the same area has been determined and written at the entrance. Reservations are made in line with these numbers.

Effective prevention against Legionella reproduction in SPA areas is guaranteed under the Rentokil Simply Safe Food and Water Safety Risk Management Program.

All SPA areas are cleaned and disinfected daily and guest contact surfaces are cleaned after each use. All surfaces of sports equipment are cleaned and disinfected at the end of the day, contact surfaces with hands and body.

f) Animation Rooms and Other Activities

Care was taken to avoid social interaction in the animation programs, and the stage area at the open Sea Bar was arranged as a night show and live music. Sports activities where it is not possible to maintain social distance have been cancelled.

For child guests, only the playground area is open to service with certain rules.

Samara Hotel Management